Oh, The Horror!

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Imagine this. A post-apocalyptic world, strewn with the debris of forgotten battles. Nothing but the howling wind and the ruins of civilisations long dead scattering the endless twilight. This is the setting for the new Indie game: The Flock. It is a horror game with a sick twist. While this is expected of a horror game, the twist is something you would never expect. The game dies.

Oh, The Horror!

Recently released on the Steam store for PC, the description of this desolate game states that there is an actual population limit on the game. The player plays as a first person RPG. You are one of The Flock. They are legion. They are a herd of monstrous creatures that roam the entire world, prowling through the remnants of the Before. While the game is a MORPG, it also has a general plot. The Flock is constantly searching for the mystical object known as the Artefact.

Whoever holds the Artefact is instantly transformed into a slow, vulnerable humanoid being. You can then access the power of the Artefact to hold off the other members of the Flock for as long as possible. The beasts will rise against you, over and over, until you are killed and the Artefact is transferred to your murderer. The game is always changing, and you will hunt the holder of the Artefact across different locations in the abandoned world.

The Twist

The twist in the game is this. It is a game with a body count. Every single time one of the Flock dies in the world, a unit is ticked off a population counter. The counter winds down as deaths progress. At a certain point in time, this counter will hit zero. At this point, no player will ever be able to buy the game again. The game will literally shut down; commit suicide in a way. The players already in the game will then be transported into the final conclusion of the game, the final part of the story. All in all, this sounds like an amazing game to play.

From the gloomy, post-war setting to the monstrous creatures which you play, to the mythical Artefact and the ancient power it holds within it, The Flock is a game that will die in real life, but will live on in the hearts of its players.

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