USA gaming in 2015

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As the world’s video game industry becomes more established, it’s been interesting to notice various trends that are emerging in key gaming territories.

So whether it be mobile shoot-em-ups, console sports simulations, or even online casino games, here’s a quick look at what are the gaming trends across the world in 2015 courtesy of VGChartz.

USA gaming in 2015


The American market is understandably of huge importance for any software developer. And with the upcoming festive season encouraging a frenzy of shopper fever, the race is on to become the biggest game of 2015.

Understandably big American sports have a good showing in the charts with the critically-acclaimed NBA 2K 16 showing huge initial sales across a variety of platforms to become the number one stocking filler. But it’s not just sporting titles that are doing well as the famous Japanese export of Nintendo’s Mario Maker has shown great resilience for the WiiU platform.

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